Tips From Jim


When you should and when shouldn’t you seed? Fall is always the best time to seed. Mid to late September when temps drop to cool nights. This will allow grass to develop all fall and the following spring before having to withstand a hot summer. Spring seeding is tricky. Never seed prior to crabgrass control […]


Higher is better Higher is better I could keep repeating this all day. Some like to cut their lawn short, well be in store for issues- more weeds, thinning, bare spots disease and yes fungus. The taller the grass the more leaf blade. This is more shade for soil, more Chlorophyll for making energy and […]


This is probaly the number one quetiona asked. The answer isn’t a simple time or number.1st try never to water late evening or at night. Humid moist thatch and soil can be the perfect recipe for disease and fungus.2nd soil is best if watered to moist not flooded or over drenched. It is even ok […]