Looking for a lawn fertilization service in Harrison Township, MI? I specialize in Lake safe lawn care. Our lawns are incredibly unique. Our backyards are our front yards, we water with lake water and we require lake safe products. Your lawn deserves someone who understands this. Fertilizers add nutrients like nitrogen and potassium to the soil to help plant growth. Bio stimulants increase rooting potential (mass and depth) and decrease stress pressure caused by heat and drought. 

My standard program consists of 6 application and Grub control. I can customize your program to fit your needs if needed.

Weed control

Weeds can be major pests of home lawns. Weeds detract from the natural beauty of desirable turfgrasses. Additionally, weeds compete with turfgrasses for sunlight, soil moisture, nutrients, and space. If weeds persist after my treatments please reach out for a free retreatment.  The first line of defense against weeds is to follow cultural practices that promote vigorous turfgrass growth and development.  Weeds appear primarily in bare or thin areas of the turfgrass so always seed needed areas.  Please check out the tips from Jim section of this site. Herbicides are a very important components of a lawn weed control program. Herbicides should be applied at specific times of the year and when weather permits. Custom Turf Lawn and Pest tailors a treatment plan for your lawn throughout the year. I will identify and target those weeds in your lawn.  It may take a full season, but you will see improvements along the way.

Liquid Aeration

The goal of aerating a lawn is to get more oxygen, water, and nutrients into the root zone. Improving the air flow within the soil is especially beneficial to lawns that are growing in clay or compacted soils. Custom Turf Lawn and Pest has moved away from core aeration and now provides liquid aeration. I feel it is less abrasive to soil and adds more benefits to your soil. N-Ext Air-8 Liquid Aeration is designed to loosen topsoil and encourage deeper rooting to allow for greater oxygenation of the root zone. By utilizing key bio stimulants and highly oxidizing material at key growth stages, N-Ext Air-8™ will give you the “breakthrough” you’ve been looking for in your lawn care program.

Benefits of Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration creates fractures within the soil and encourages greater rooting. With liquid aerate the soil structure is split at a much smaller scale, allowing for deep penetration of water; roots will, in turn, follow, making nutrients available that were previously unreachable by the plant. Liquid aeration can be done anytime during the growing season. Liquid aeration covers the entire lawn. There is no need to mark sprinkler heads, invisible fences or cable lines.

Grub Prevention and Grub Control

Grubs are the larvae of Japanese beetles, June beetles, chafers, and others. These white, C-shaped grubs feast on organic matter in the soil, including grass roots.

There are several easy-to-spot signs that you may have grubs on your lawn:

  • Raccoons, skunks, or birds are digging up your yard. These animals all love to dine on large, mature grubs.
  • You can pull back the dead patches on your lawn like pieces of loose carpet. This happens because grubs eat the roots holding the turf firmly in place on the soil.

It can be difficult to completely prevent the adult beetles from laying eggs in your lawn. When it comes to white grub prevention it is more about preventing damage rather than preventing any grubs at all. Properly timed products can be applied to kill the grubs when they are in their early stages, before they can do damage. This is grub prevention applied in late spring. If have a grub problem(active grubs) then you need a product designed to kill them at any stage of their life(this is curative or post control). Remember, a few grubs is ok. It is when you have dozens per square feet that need attention. Grub prevention is highly advised and is part of with any standard program.

Spider Control

Professional spider control is important for people with a real fear of spiders but also to help eliminate unsightly webs.

Did you know Michigan has over 500 species of spiders. They can be very beneficial but also can be unsightly. Their webs attract dirt, debris and over time just become a nuisance. Plus, spider leave spots everywhere that stain.